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From source (24 September 2022):
Or not Everything… ^^

- This is not what you thought! >_<
Yep, a lot of ponies have Dakimakuras with favorite hero, but not every pony is ready to admit it ;3
safe989620 artist:yakovlev-vad505 character:rainbow dash129654 character:soarin'7592 species:pegasus186484 species:pony666829 g4281158 bed22816 blushing105830 body pillow2121 book20559 butt22884 caught1716 cheek fluff3609 cute127769 dashabetes6419 embarrassed6706 exclamation point2074 eye clipping through hair3967 eyebrows7376 eyebrows visible through hair2641 female742841 gritted teeth6831 implied shipping2860 implied soarindash50 implied straight2573 leg fluff2209 lip bite6481 male197005 mare293297 plot41155 rainbutt dash1998 shipping103423 solo627606 sweat13762 sweatdrop1829 teeth5061 three quarter view3059 underhoof27372 wide eyes10509


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