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From source (24 September 2022):
Or not Everything… ^^

- This is not what you thought! >_<
Yep, a lot of ponies have Dakimakuras with favorite hero, but not every pony is ready to admit it ;3
safe994390 artist:yakovlev-vad508 character:rainbow dash129887 character:soarin'7605 species:pegasus188300 species:pony671569 g4283474 bed22928 blushing106611 body pillow2123 book20661 butt23271 caught1720 cheek fluff3685 cute129701 dashabetes6486 embarrassed6724 exclamation point2098 eye clipping through hair4229 eyebrows8617 eyebrows visible through hair3086 female746896 gritted teeth6890 implied shipping2884 implied soarindash50 implied straight2581 leg fluff2305 lip bite6512 male198245 mare296722 plot41407 rainbutt dash2005 shipping104021 solo630487 sweat13865 sweatdrop1871 teeth5150 three quarter view3305 underhoof27774 wide eyes10526


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