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From source (18 November 2022):
What is Celestia planning as her next move?
safe986860 artist:sourcherry330 derpibooru original13350 character:king sombra7301 character:princess celestia55875 species:alicorn136226 species:pony664023 species:umbrum784 species:unicorn183996 g4278920 absurd resolution44539 crown10351 crystal1727 crystal ball357 dagger301 figure418 jewelry37362 magic45282 magic circle509 magic item3 male196624 map708 map of equestria88 notes44 regalia12120 royal guard4397 scroll2351 shadow2503 solo625799 stallion64554 table5715 the crystal empire 10th anniversary3 toy6976 weapon17552


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