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From source (31 October 2021):

Небольшой арт в рамках Derpibooru — Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM
Жаль конечно что я не смог посветить этому столько же времени как в прошлом году, ноо я всё равно рад практике С:

На самом деле у меня много всяких плохих мыслей о своей работе, артах, стиле, но это не важно сейчас, сейчас принцессы с тортиком ^^
safe986179 artist:xsatanielx600 character:princess celestia55837 character:princess luna65643 species:alicorn136067 species:pony663371 g4278148 absurd resolution44519 anniversary244 cake5984 cakelestia706 chest fluff22922 crown10296 cute126254 cutelestia2446 duo38440 duo female6494 ethereal mane4968 eyes closed54368 female739906 floppy ears30583 food41642 fork539 galaxy mane3042 glowing132 glowing horn12206 happy18809 happy birthday mlp:fim547 herbivore345 horn30687 jewelry37232 lunabetes2436 magic45199 magic aura2718 mare290495 mlp fim's eleventh anniversary10 one eye open60 open mouth81249 open smile698 regalia12061 royal sisters2867 siblings4424 simple background234208 sisters5110 smiling149963 strawberry532 telekinesis17406 that pony sure does love cakes28 three quarter view2633 white background54903


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#[email protected]_sataniel_2
#[email protected]_sataniel_2

Small art within Derpibooru — Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM
It is a pity of course that I could not devote as much time to this as last year, but I am still happy to practice C:

Actually I have a lot of bad thoughts about my work, art, style, but it doesn't matter now, now princesses with a cake ^^