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From source (31 October 2021):

Небольшой арт в рамках Derpibooru — Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM
Жаль конечно что я не смог посветить этому столько же времени как в прошлом году, ноо я всё равно рад практике С:

На самом деле у меня много всяких плохих мыслей о своей работе, артах, стиле, но это не важно сейчас, сейчас принцессы с тортиком ^^
safe991027 artist:xsatanielx604 character:princess celestia55947 character:princess luna65802 species:alicorn136864 species:pony668227 g4281883 absurd resolution44646 anniversary247 cake6004 cakelestia708 chest fluff23472 crown10490 cute128354 cutelestia2467 duo39252 duo female6860 ethereal mane5016 eyes closed54881 female744020 floppy ears30960 food41974 fork544 galaxy mane3071 glowing216 glowing horn12533 happy18971 happy birthday mlp:fim547 herbivore354 horn31802 jewelry37905 lunabetes2499 magic45571 magic aura2966 mare294278 mlp fim's eleventh anniversary10 one eye open62 open mouth82461 open smile1231 regalia12302 royal sisters2880 siblings4519 simple background235892 sisters5202 smiling152003 strawberry546 telekinesis17598 that pony sure does love cakes29 three quarter view3130 white background55490


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Machine translation of the description yields the following:

Small art within Derpibooru — Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM
It is a pity of course that I could not devote as much time to this as last year, but I am still happy to practice C:

Actually I have a lot of bad thoughts about my work, art, style, but it doesn't matter now, now princesses with a cake ^^