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From source (15 October 2022):
Twilight ship asks’ galore.
safe989720 artist:chub-wub397 part of a set7548 character:clover the clever259 character:princess luna65764 character:star swirl the bearded1349 character:twilight sparkle172188 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75902 species:alicorn136658 species:pony666922 ship:twiluna1082 g4281243 ask16335 blue background2969 blushing105849 chibi8554 cloak2689 clothing299521 costume16228 cute127805 duo39034 female742908 hat52898 holiday10805 lesbian51000 lunabetes2487 mare293362 nightmare night2952 nightmare night costume1156 open mouth82144 raised hoof28985 robe2330 rope6455 shipping103438 simple background235500 tumblr22939 twiabetes8036 wizard hat688 wizard robe59


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