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From source (8 February 2021):
Car Rides with Dash
I wanted to give a carefree feel to this, road trips came into mind and I miss them.
#MLPFiM #mlp #mylittlepony #fanart

If Dash was being this adorable in my passenger seat I would crash because I couldn't stop staring.
safe986179 artist:taytinabelle101 character:rainbow dash129361 species:pegasus185140 species:pony663371 g4278148 behaving like a dog912 blurred background388 blushing105367 car3254 cheek fluff3531 chest fluff22922 cloud18157 cute126254 daaaaaaaaaaaw2324 dashabetes6316 ear fluff17813 eyes closed54368 female739906 floppy ears30583 fluffy8833 happy18809 mare290495 open mouth81249 profile4983 seatbelt82 smiling149963 solo625370 spread wings32837 windswept mane1825 wing fluff1079 wings69070


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