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From source (24 November 2022):
Stay warm everyone! <3
safe989777 artist:rutkotka214 oc376397 oc only253097 oc:bubbly3 parent:rainbow dash3343 parent:zephyr breeze392 parents:zephdash62 species:pegasus186555 species:pony666969 g4281280 alternate universe5169 blaze (coat marking)1291 chest fluff23379 clothing299542 coat markings1893 colored wings4316 cute127833 female742961 filly35915 floppy ears30888 foal8990 freckles18085 hat52904 leg warmers1493 looking at you99312 multicolored wings2351 next generation3344 ocbetes3805 offspring21876 open mouth82168 open smile1059 pegasus oc4392 simple background235523 smiling151411 smiling at you1844 socks37280 solo627704 two toned wings1630 white background55355 wings70389 winter2716 young1571


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