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From source (24 November 2022):
Stay warm everyone! <3
safe986798 artist:rutkotka212 oc375701 oc only252561 oc:bubbly3 parent:rainbow dash3337 parent:zephyr breeze392 parents:zephdash62 species:pegasus185369 species:pony663950 g4278861 alternate universe5162 blaze (coat marking)1204 chest fluff22967 clothing298546 coat markings1739 colored wings4172 cute126566 female740440 filly35788 floppy ears30654 foal8941 freckles17886 hat52641 leg warmers1486 looking at you98339 multicolored wings2225 next generation3344 ocbetes3654 offspring21850 open mouth81426 open smile759 pegasus oc4241 simple background234478 smiling150224 smiling at you1514 socks37166 solo625753 two toned wings1607 white background54975 wings69263 winter2708 young1432


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