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From source (27 November 2022):
For QuantamFlash
safe991145 artist:lummh347 character:luster dawn760 character:starlight glimmer30642 character:sunburst4015 parent:starlight glimmer771 parent:sunburst644 parents:starburst275 species:pony668354 species:unicorn185639 ship:starburst629 g4281926 coat markings2033 cute128418 dawwww2676 female744146 filly36003 foal9032 glowing horn12535 horn31819 levitation7717 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter39 lusterbetes83 magic45577 magic aura2968 male197323 mare294393 offspring21879 open mouth82506 open smile1255 self-levitation441 shipping103595 smiling152064 socks (coat marking)2676 stallion65133 straight64246 telekinesis17599 young1662


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