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Uploaded to source on 28 November 2022.
safe986798 artist:erenrat_yun2 derpibooru original13345 oc375701 oc only252561 oc:aurorajuly1 oc:彩光 rainbowlight1 species:earth pony141145 species:pegasus185369 species:pony663950 species:unicorn183962 g4278861 absurd resolution44537 beach9198 beach chair322 chair4192 clothing298546 cloud18187 cute126566 ear fluff17888 earth pony oc2978 eyebrows6519 eyebrows visible through hair2286 eyes closed54423 food41674 lemon208 lens flare1108 ocbetes3654 onomatopoeia2115 open mouth81426 outdoors5565 pegasus oc4241 relaxing911 sand1436 scarf13758 sleeping13185 sound effects893 sun3831 three quarter view2782 tree19592 unicorn oc3229 zzz1282


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I think I recognize some of the OCs in the background, but I don't know their names! D: