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Made this vector bash for my private Discord server, but figured I'd upload it here in case anybody else wanted to use it~

Hearth's Warming Eve Tree vector by andoanimalia
Xmas Pipp by Limedazzle
Xmas Zipp by Limedazzle
Xmas Izzy by Limedazzle
Xmas Sunny by Limedazzle
Xmas Hitch by Limedazzle
safe986798 artist:andoanimalia580 artist:limedazzle455 editor:kaifloof8 part of a set7420 character:hitch trailblazer664 character:izzy moonbow2085 character:pipp petals1206 character:sunny starscout1640 character:zipp storm794 species:alicorn136210 species:deer3480 species:earth pony141145 species:pegasus185369 species:pony663950 species:reindeer1107 species:unicorn183962 g4278861 g54762 my little pony: a new generation982 adorapipp303 adorazipp125 alicornified2977 alternate hairstyle17263 antlers1168 artificial horn59 artificial wings952 augmented1587 blaze (coat marking)1204 bow15744 christmas7694 christmas lights924 christmas tree2311 circlet654 clothing298546 cloven hooves6451 coat markings1739 colored eyebrows1419 colored hooves4946 colored wings4172 cute126566 cutie mark28338 decoration326 digital art10031 eyebrows6519 female740440 flying24319 g5 to g474 gradient hair2540 hair bow8719 happy18837 happy holidays73 hearth's warming tree91 high res16648 hitchbetes78 holiday10729 hooves12062 hybrid10224 izzybetes557 lights558 looking at you98339 magic horn69 magic wings451 male196612 mare291067 multicolored hair4824 multicolored wings2225 one eye closed17164 open mouth81426 open smile759 original species13952 pipp wings1079 plant1339 pose3421 race swap8251 raised hoof28652 scarf13758 signature15572 simple background234478 smiling150224 socks37166 spread wings32962 stallion64543 sultry pose1129 sunnycorn62 three quarter view2782 tinsel38 transparent background126800 tree19592 underhoof27190 unshorn fetlocks16547 vector50091 wings69263 wink14151 winking at you418


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