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From source (2 December 2022):
my part of a art trade with ArtsyGum with their KickAss AU versions of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash!
safe986798 artist:aztrial25 character:rainbow dash129425 character:twilight sparkle171939 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9879 species:pegasus185369 species:pony663950 species:unicorn183962 ship:twidash3154 g4278861 alternate hairstyle17263 blushing105460 choker6382 clothing298546 duo38512 ear piercing14569 earring11988 eyeshadow8793 female740440 grin22188 heart25481 jacket7993 jewelry37349 lesbian50856 lip piercing519 makeup11435 mare291067 necklace11423 piercing22257 shipping103197 smiling150224 snake bites118 spiked choker880 sunglasses8718 unshorn fetlocks16547


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