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From source (2 December 2022):
They know the world is doomed anyway, and destroying environment in a lazy, moderate pace ^^
Just a fun quick picture i made in free time.
safe989773 artist:vyazinrei58 character:apple bloom27845 character:scootaloo27957 character:sweetie belle26197 species:human75055 g4281274 my little pony:equestria girls128514 apple family member2406 bag2842 baseball bat618 choker6407 clothing299541 converse3545 cutie mark crusaders11045 female742959 group2180 headphones4830 jewelry37671 necklace11560 paint can54 punk1309 shirt15071 shoes22061 shorts9150 shoulder bag78 skirt23853 sneakers3603 trio6053 trio female847 weapon17604


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