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From source (26 October 2022):
The O&O Amigos: Spike, Big Mac and Discord decided to go trick-o-treating in Ponyville (possibly even across Equestria with Discord involved) and why not go in costumes that they already have and have a deeper connection with. Ofc Spike went with the candy bucket with Rarity's colors…

Thanks for drawing this Commission: Spring_Spring

And thank u for the support on the V1 one

Version 1: >>4026273
safe988237 alternate version22150 artist:spring_spring3 edit85852 character:big mcintosh15004 character:discord17123 character:spike45209 species:draconequus6526 species:dragon33387 species:pony665374 species:unicorn184529 g4280249 apple family member2269 armor14874 arrow1298 bag2818 bow (weapon)930 bow and arrow632 bucket1489 candy3908 candy bag12 captain wuzz73 clothing299117 commission38653 costume16198 crossover36493 dungeons and discords573 dungeons and dragons664 food41775 garbuncle71 halloween4580 halloween costume929 holiday10773 implied rarity561 ogres and oubliettes205 orange background473 pen and paper rpg319 pumpkin bucket300 race swap8269 rpg452 show accurate6133 simple background235119 sir mcbiggen82 staff1862 story included4516 sword6907 transparent background126903 unicorn big mac93 weapon17590


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