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From source (24 December 2014):
Don't spill water on her and don't feed her after midnight.

And of course:


Here a comic dub by shadowring123…
safe988302 artist:doublewbrothers62 character:king sombra7306 character:scootaloo27934 species:pegasus185997 species:pony665449 species:umbrum788 species:unicorn184555 g4280299 a better ending for sombra3 adopted offspring726 adoption123 adoracreepy368 archer136 asexual reproduction8 birth713 blushing105676 christmas7707 clothing299144 coat1722 comic66313 creepy2050 crying23166 cute127302 cutealoo1884 cuweird3 d'oh11 daddy sombra16 derp3981 eye contact3884 eyes closed54603 female741953 filly35847 floppy ears30776 frown14643 funny2174 glare5250 gone horribly right15 gremlins20 gritted teeth6822 heartwarming412 holiday10775 horn31078 hug17093 male196829 mitosis12 not salmon995 offspring21860 one eye closed17246 open mouth81825 parasprite1139 punch728 raised hoof28829 recolor2149 scootablue107 scootadoption31 scootalove1063 shivering1038 smiling150805 snow8575 snowfall2724 stallion64731 sweat13745 sweater8752 tribble12 wat8607 what were you thinking18 wholesome256 wide eyes10500 wink14203 winter2711 wtf881 young1494


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