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From source (12 July 2021):
Y'Know, working all day in dat heat made me sweat like a horse, get it?
Lets have a good ol' cup of cold Apples' Cider and chill here for a while <3

safe987515 artist:shamziwhite167 character:applejack97507 species:anthro147349 species:earth pony141371 g4279578 belly button44882 belt3344 blonde hair236 blonde mane101 blonde tail14 breasts156099 cleavage21788 clothing298834 cowboy hat9429 denim shorts353 drink3325 ear fluff17979 eyebrows6750 eyebrows visible through hair2365 female741156 fluffy8883 freckles17924 fur256 green eyes2293 hair880 hair accessory195 hat52698 mammal31 mane975 mare291740 midriff12241 orange fur32 shirt15021 shorts9112 skirt23823 smiling150466 solo626327 sweat13739 tail15368 teeth5036 topwear4


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