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From source (21 December 2022):
This drawing is based off a wonderful fanfic. Also personally this is 2nd best ship in G5.

Link to audio reading:

Link to Fanfic:…
safe989620 artist:nismorose1 derpibooru original13485 character:pipp petals1333 oc376361 oc:littlepip2146 species:earth pony141963 species:pegasus186484 species:pony666829 species:unicorn184954 fallout equestria8750 g4281158 g55389 my little pony: a new generation1004 my little pony: tell your tale268 adorapipp382 belt3357 blue sky92 blushing105830 canon x oc12280 chest fluff23356 circlet688 clothing299493 cloud18313 colored wings4301 crack shipping1870 crossover36529 crown10434 cute127769 ear fluff18255 earth pony oc3029 fallout1890 fanfic5675 fanfic art7886 fanfic in the description126 female742841 grass5644 grass field411 heart25669 heart eyes8842 jacket8042 jewelry37657 lesbian50993 lighthouse140 link in description155 looking at each other11913 mare293297 messy mane4692 meta5247 multicolored wings2343 outdoors5666 pipp wings1199 rainbow2374 regalia12226 shipping103423 sitting38644 smiling151332 tags182 three quarter view3059 two toned wings1629 wingding eyes12324 wings70316 youtube1033 youtube link2413


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