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From source (31 December 2022):
The original 😅
safe991145 artist:trickyy902 part of a set7613 oc376762 oc only253293 species:earth pony142501 species:pegasus187086 species:pony668354 g4281926 armor14929 collar17296 colored hooves5523 colored wings4361 cute128418 ear piercing14648 earth pony oc3087 front view392 full face view424 gray background4317 grenade253 hooves12851 jewelry37935 looking at you99675 lying down9774 male197323 multicolored wings2395 neebs gaming2 ocbetes3829 open mouth82506 open smile1255 pegasus oc4436 piercing22352 ponified20231 ponyloaf253 profile5446 prone15775 raised hoof29196 signature16736 simple background235931 smiling152064 species swap12485 spread wings33790 stallion65133 three quarter view3138 tongue out54687 two toned wings1643 unshorn fetlocks17240 wings70815


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