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From source (7 January 2019):
Next up via the poll we have the trio of Discord x Twilight x Tempest!

Discord had feelings for Twilight from day one but like a five year old he took it out on her with pranks and other nonsense. Fluttershy finally asked him what the hell was up and she helped him realize he really liked Twilight.

Meanwhile Tempest came back from spreading the word of friendship and Twilight made her the first member of her own royal guard. Tempest had been thinking about Twilight her whole journey and finally realized she loved the princess. Around the same time as Discord.

And Tempest noticed. Not one to be shown up she started courting Twilight as well. Twilight was oblivious to the rivalry between the two, she just thought they wanted to hang out with her. However, finally she realized they liked her both. Twilight was happy to take them both on as husband and wife.

Tempest and Discord tolerated it because they both loved Twilight. Through Discord who just spat up an egg one day after a frisky night with Twilight. Jealous, Tempest asked Twilight if they could have a child as well. Twilight asked Discord to help and he obliged, making Tempest pregnant with Twilight's child (the opposite of what they actually wanted.)

The egg hatched into Princess Eris and months later Tempest gave birth to Prince Lionheart . Twilight was happy and something else started happening. Tempest and Discord started to fall for each other. Discord made Tempest laugh, Tempest played pranks with Discord (mostly on poor Twilight) Tempest and Discord would talk long into the evening. So Discord choked up another egg and the group had another child: Kerfuffle .

They all get along really well. Twilight and Discord love their buff wife and often will sneak peeks at her workouts. Discord and Tempest like embarrassing Twilight with kisses and spontaneous make out sessions. Tempest likes to teach Twilight how to play pranks on Discord. Often they'll just sit and have a big ole snuggle pile like the picture above. They're for sure homebodies and like to make popcorn and read books.

safe987515 artist:zee-stitch51 character:discord17118 character:tempest shadow6488 character:twilight sparkle172015 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75787 species:alicorn136353 species:draconequus6521 species:pony664706 species:unicorn184275 ship:discolight145 ship:tempestlight910 g4279578 book20502 cute126864 discute700 female741156 happy18844 lesbian50888 long description42 male196708 mare291740 polyamory1716 purple background1710 reading3951 shipping103264 simple background234804 snuggling3852 story included4516 straight64124 tempestcord1


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