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From source (11 January 2023):
Who's the greatest and most powerful~?

#mlpfim #mylittlepony #mlpfanart #trixie #ArtOnTwitter
safe987574 artist:scarletdoodle15 character:trixie39094 species:pony664766 species:unicorn184291 g4279638 alicorn amulet1019 amulet559 blue coat156 blue mane429 cloak2689 clothing298863 dark magic1562 evil1631 evil grin2666 eye clipping through hair3789 female741221 glowing158 glowing eyes6608 glowing horn12313 grin22220 horn30919 jewelry37447 magic45334 magic aura2806 mare291796 necklace11464 red eyes3381 smiling150493 solo626375


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