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Pipp’s royal pippsqueaks, Glory, Peach Fizz, and Seashell give a group high hoof. It’s possible that they’re heading to the upcoming movie since they’re across the street from the movie theater. “Oh yeah! Let’s go see the show!”
safe987554 artist:brush-bases1 artist:lynnthenerdkitty316 base used10664 character:glory (g5)13 character:peach fizz13 character:seashell13 species:earth pony141383 species:pegasus185666 species:pony664747 species:unicorn184290 g4279617 g54885 ^^75 buzzing wings51 colored wings4200 cute126891 eyes closed54504 female741199 filly35811 flapping wings24 flying24343 foal8948 g4 style15 g5 to g475 generation leap3365 glorydorable8 high res16784 hoofbump652 maretime bay27 open mouth81605 open smile810 peachsweet8 pippsqueak trio13 shellabetes8 signature15787 smiling150480 trio5987 trio female839 wings69551 young1455


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