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From source (13 January 2023):
Lovely evening, isn't it
#MLP #mlpfim #mlpart
safe987515 artist:naen15 character:princess luna65711 species:alicorn136353 species:anthro147349 g4279578 bare shoulders1522 belly button44882 bra9902 breasts156099 busty princess luna4229 clothing298834 colored eyebrows1482 cute126864 eyebrows6750 female741156 happy18844 looking at you98573 lunabetes2459 mare291740 midriff12241 off shoulder802 scenery5529 shirt15021 signature15771 sitting38425 skirt23823 smiling150466 smiling at you1564 solo626327 three quarter view2920 underwear34865


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