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From source (13 January 2023):
Lovely evening, isn't it
#MLP #mlpfim #mlpart
safe993342 artist:naen18 character:princess luna65872 species:alicorn137226 species:anthro147840 g4282942 bare shoulders1525 belly button45085 bra9959 breasts156418 busty princess luna4237 clothing300545 colored eyebrows1918 cute129345 eyebrows8409 female745937 happy19078 looking at you100300 lunabetes2527 mare295974 midriff12282 off shoulder806 scenery5566 shirt15129 signature17137 sitting39032 skirt23894 smiling153050 smiling at you2340 solo629908 three quarter view3252 underwear34985


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