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From source (15 January 2023):
This style is a lot of fun~
Experimented with some anime style drawings again ♥️

#mlpfim #mylittlepony #mlpfanart #anime #ArtOnTwitter
safe990969 artist:scarletdoodle15 part of a set7606 oc376707 oc only253248 oc:scarlet breeze4 species:pony668134 g4281839 anime3120 anime style295 bust28889 chest fluff23467 cute128332 ear fluff18388 eye clipping through hair4039 eyebrows7780 eyebrows visible through hair2781 fluffy8979 front view390 full face view423 male197266 ocbetes3825 portrait19489 red eyes3391 red mane279 shading1065 signature16706 simple background235856 solo628437


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