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From source (17 January 2023):
Winter or Summer Solstice? By me:)
safe993445 alternate version22434 artist:arkhat5 part of a set7724 character:princess celestia55993 character:princess luna65875 species:alicorn137236 species:pony670654 g4283029 clothing300572 crossed hooves1235 crown10538 dialogue44873 eyes closed55170 facehoof936 female746007 hoof shoes3419 jewelry38290 luna is not amused293 mare295998 necklace11783 night15805 night sky1256 open mouth83134 peytral2112 profile5659 raised hoof29536 regalia12367 shoes22189 sitting39041 sky9016 summer solstice12 text27955 winter solstice14


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