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From source (19 January 2023):
Little Redesign of Princess Celestia
I tried hard to draw mane :'>
Please rate it from 1 to 10. I hope you guys like it 💖

Also you can find me on:
safe987456 artist:taiweiart14 character:princess celestia55888 species:alicorn136345 species:pony664648 g4279532 alternate design1820 chest fluff23059 colored wings4195 eyebrows6737 eyebrows visible through hair2361 female741098 fluffy8883 jewelry37434 mare291684 multicolored wings2248 necklace11459 peytral2042 simple background234788 solo626281 spread wings33097 two toned wings1613 watermark9501 white background55068 wing fluff1098 wings69514


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