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From source (19 January 2023):
The princesses of Equestria💜🧡
#MLP #mylittlepony
safe989720 artist:universe505228 character:princess cadance18558 character:princess celestia55922 character:princess flurry heart4054 character:princess luna65764 character:twilight sparkle172188 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75902 species:alicorn136658 species:pony666922 g4281243 alicorn pentarchy68 alicorn tetrarchy667 aunt and niece261 blep5252 chest fluff23371 clothing299521 crown10435 curved horn4122 daughter374 eyes closed54762 female742908 filly35912 flying24459 foal8990 group2178 happy18901 heart25670 hoof shoes3384 horn31470 jewelry37664 mare293362 moon13622 mother1384 mother and child902 mother and daughter2928 new crown196 parent and child115 quintet55 regalia12228 shoes22061 siblings4487 sisters5170 slim50 smiling151380 spread wings33564 stars9183 sun3851 thin61 tiara2168 tongue out54586 wings70366 young1568


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