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From source (19 January 2023):
The princesses of Equestria💜🧡
#MLP #mylittlepony
safe994412 artist:universe505228 character:princess cadance18582 character:princess celestia56015 character:princess flurry heart4063 character:princess luna65900 character:twilight sparkle172479 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76092 species:alicorn137359 species:pony671585 g4283489 alicorn pentarchy69 alicorn tetrarchy667 aunt and niece269 blep5365 chest fluff23772 clothing300883 crown10572 curved horn4148 daughter437 eyes closed55297 female746916 filly36143 flying24686 foal9164 group2253 happy19124 heart26027 hoof shoes3429 horn32738 jewelry38517 mare296734 moon13704 mother1435 mother and child951 mother and daughter2970 new crown196 parent and child186 quintet63 regalia12418 shoes22220 siblings4642 sisters5306 slim56 smiling153571 spread wings34316 stars9294 sun3877 thin110 tiara2189 tongue out54925 wings71827 young1862


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