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From source (19 January 2023):
The princesses of Equestria💜🧡
#MLP #mylittlepony
safe987545 artist:jficbcpcr6eyujo10 character:princess cadance18550 character:princess celestia55891 character:princess flurry heart4044 character:princess luna65713 character:twilight sparkle172020 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75790 species:alicorn136360 species:pony664740 g4279611 alicorn pentarchy68 alicorn tetrarchy667 aunt and niece253 blep5205 chest fluff23067 clothing298847 crown10391 curved horn4111 daughter359 eyes closed54503 female741190 filly35811 flying24343 foal8948 happy18844 heart25532 hoof shoes3360 horn30914 jewelry37443 mare291770 moon13577 mother1376 mother and child896 mother and daughter2923 new crown196 parent and child97 regalia12164 shoes21999 siblings4447 sisters5131 slim45 smiling150476 spread wings33117 stars9117 sun3834 thin56 tiara2157 tongue out54464 wings69550 young1455


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