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ATG 3 — Hey is this meme dead yet

ATG 3 — Draw a pony full of rage / Draw a pony about to lose it

Doing a more lineart style for this one, just to experiment a little. Gonna have to work on those lines much more I think x.x
safe993445 artist:cyonixcymatro5 character:phyllis224 character:starlight glimmer30684 character:sunburst4045 character:trixie39205 species:pony670654 species:unicorn186586 newbie artist training grounds4000 ship:starburst634 g4283029 :t2420 angry16561 atg 2020636 bipedal20359 chair4251 clothing300572 coat markings2336 crying23253 cute129355 cutie mark28626 diatrixes2195 eating6151 female746007 floppy ears31188 frown14807 glare5260 herbivore363 horses doing horse things799 inconvenient trixie196 leaf598 male198017 mare295998 meme38116 nom1937 phyllis no!39 plant1357 pointing2780 ponified20260 ponified meme452 pure unfiltered evil1026 robe2334 shipping103897 smiling153086 socks (coat marking)2956 stallion65615 straight64363 this will not end well913 woman yelling at a cat37


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