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A colourization of one of my super ancient sketches, done by Perelka, an amazing friend of mine!

Enjoy Sprinkle and Rainbowshine being cute
safe993341 artist:frilanka2 artist:rainbowšpekgs119 edit85879 character:rainbowshine673 character:spring melody874 species:pegasus187909 species:pony670611 g4282942 background pony7976 blue background3021 chest fluff23698 color edit5166 colored12214 cute129343 duo39721 duo female7041 explicit source5768 eyebrows8409 eyelashes5568 female745935 females only8014 folded wings4197 hug17243 lesbian51172 mare295971 one eye closed17467 open mouth83130 shipping103872 simple background236766 wings71584


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