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Uploaded to source on 14 January 2023.

Uploaded to Twitter on 13 January 2023.
safe993913 artist:miokomata776 character:fluttershy116210 species:pegasus188147 species:pony671219 g4283362 aside glance106 beige background60 bipedal20368 blep5354 blushing106564 chest fluff23758 clothing300723 colored hooves6205 cute129583 female746530 floppy ears31251 freckles18378 freckleshy180 high res18222 hooves13660 looking at you100460 mare296435 profile5740 shyabetes8814 silly4677 simple background237042 smiling153372 smiling at you2408 socks37464 solo630257 spread wings34276 tongue out54904 wings71754


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