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From source (25 January 2023):
Moonlit Mist really enjoying the working because she is looved drawing especially if she draw spooky things ( yupp she drawing with her wings and yupp her wings bigger than normal bat pony )

Moonlit Mist © me
safe993445 artist:spookyle242 oc377396 oc:moonlit dust3 oc:moonlit mist7 species:bat pony30147 species:pony670654 g4283029 bat pony oc10434 bat wings5016 bed22908 bedroom5758 cute129355 drawing2505 female746007 indoors1793 looking at you100306 lying down9995 mare295998 moon13697 night15805 night sky1256 prone15849 sky9016 smiling153086 solo629946 spread wings34196 three quarter view3255 wing hands1302 wings71588


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