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From source (14 October 2022):
Redrew something from a MLP comic that I thought was funny LOL
safe987545 artist:galaxy swirl15 derpibooru original13396 idw14416 character:fluttershy115830 character:iron will839 character:rainbow dash129480 species:pegasus185663 species:pony664740 g4279611 blushing105577 boop4614 colored hooves5033 colored pupils6398 cute126886 duo focus667 ear fluff17982 eye clipping through hair3787 female741190 frown14628 glare5250 hand4663 happy18844 heart25532 heart eyes8793 hooves12185 looking up9378 mare291770 nose wrinkle2020 offscreen character17489 open mouth81601 open smile809 profile5192 rainbow dash is not amused369 scene interpretation5552 shyabetes8658 signature15782 sitting38430 smiling150476 three quarter view2926 unamused9767 unshorn fetlocks16629 wingding eyes12244


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