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From source (14 October 2022):
Redrew something from a MLP comic that I thought was funny LOL
safe989620 artist:galaxy swirl17 derpibooru original13485 idw14421 character:fluttershy115985 character:iron will840 character:rainbow dash129654 species:pegasus186484 species:pony666829 g4281158 blushing105830 boop4629 colored hooves5231 colored pupils6427 cute127769 duo focus671 ear fluff18255 eye clipping through hair3967 female742841 frown14676 glare5252 hand4684 happy18894 heart25669 heart eyes8842 hooves12495 looking up9418 mare293297 nose wrinkle2024 offscreen character17498 open mouth82117 open smile1036 profile5339 rainbow dash is not amused371 scene interpretation5564 shyabetes8734 signature16334 sitting38644 smiling151332 three quarter view3059 unamused9802 unshorn fetlocks16875 wingding eyes12324


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