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From source (27 January 2023):
Finished the last commission for PompNeigh , this one was a big one for sure! =)
safe989773 artist:asimos177 character:king sombra7302 character:princess amore187 species:crystal pony2882 species:pony666967 species:umbrum788 species:unicorn185018 episode:the crystal empire2267 g4281274 my little pony: friendship is magic163207 armor14887 blue eyes2702 crown10435 crystal guard163 crystal guard armor236 digital art10132 female742959 green eyes2300 helmet6871 horn31501 jewelry37671 looking at each other11925 looking at someone529 mare293407 necklace11560 open mouth82163 orange eyes182 peytral2069 raised hoof28996 regalia12229 smiling151410 spear1537 three quarter view3062 tree19674 weapon17604 window5227


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