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From source (22 October 2022):
Applejack as barbarian! ⚔️ Choosing between paladin, viking or barbarian, decided to stick with the last option. Almost all gang finished! =3
safe988296 artist:asimos177 part of a set7491 character:applejack97552 species:anthro147441 species:earth pony141604 species:plantigrade anthro18188 g4280291 abs6274 absolute cleavage2100 armor14877 barbarian93 barbarianjack1 battle bikini7 beige background54 belly button44910 boots13072 braid4088 braided tail678 breasts156175 brown background445 busty applejack5956 cleavage21818 clothing299137 eyebrows6982 fantasy class900 female741944 giant sword9 greatsword19 hair braid16 looking at you98916 mare292414 midriff12254 shoes22022 simple background235127 smiling150800 socks37227 solo626958 sword6907 tail15471 thigh boots478 thigh highs19802 three quarter view3005 unconvincing armor649 weapon17592 windswept mane1830


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