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From source (25 November 2022):
Rarity as duelist! 💎🗡️ The final one from M6, but I suppose not final of this series at all =) I can't believe I was finally able to finish some set of pictures!
safe988296 artist:asimos177 part of a set7491 character:rarity105063 species:anthro147441 species:plantigrade anthro18188 species:unicorn184548 g4280291 absolute cleavage2100 breasts156175 cape6408 cleavage21818 clothing299137 eyebrows6982 female741944 flower15362 flower in hair4715 jewelry37522 looking at you98916 mare292414 rapier146 ring1545 simple background235127 solo626958 sword6907 three quarter view3005 tiara2160 weapon17592


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