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From source (11 June 2022):
Sharing relics. Which music album is your favourite at all?
#ZippStorm #zipp #RainbowDash #mlp #MLPFiM #mlpg5
safe993789 artist:asimos177 character:rainbow dash129873 character:zipp storm1411 species:pegasus188100 species:pony671099 g4283315 g57649 my little pony: a new generation1169 abbey road21 british steel1 choker6444 colored eyebrows1965 colored hooves6181 duo39851 ear piercing14748 eyebrows8514 female746433 hoof hold5557 hooves13628 jewelry38376 judas priest20 led zeppelin30 mare296362 necklace11827 nevermind10 nirvana31 piercing22459 pink floyd123 profile5730 record429 record player121 signature17288 sitting39091 speaker160 spread wings34264 the beatles100 the dark side of the moon43 three quarter view3293 unshorn fetlocks18019 wings71726


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