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From source (27 January 2023):
Like a queen..
Hello everyone, I hope you like my new drawing, I put a lot of effort into drawing her as cute as possible.
And I've been drawing it for days and I don't have the calculation of how many days it was.
safe987545 artist:empress-twilight5 character:princess celestia55891 species:alicorn136360 species:pony664740 g4279611 cherry blossoms339 chest fluff23067 concave belly9 crown10391 cute126886 cutelestia2453 ear fluff17982 eyes closed54503 feathered wings65 female741190 floppy ears30700 flower15331 flower blossom217 flower in hair4700 flowing mane799 fluffy8884 jewelry37443 leg fluff2149 mare291770 necklace11463 partially open wings13 peytral2044 profile5192 regalia12164 slim45 smiling150476 sniffing383 solo626352 thin56 transparent mane94 walking2919 wing fluff1098 wings69550


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