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Señor Butterscotch.
Comes with a complementary Sombra-ro.
safe991145 artist:exedrus90 derpibooru original13589 character:fluttershy116058 character:izzy moonbow2432 character:king sombra7302 character:señor butterscotch17 species:pegasus187086 species:pony668354 species:umbrum788 species:unicorn185639 episode:it's t.u.e.s. day5 g4281926 g56149 my little pony: tell your tale593 spoiler:g51105 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale430 spoiler:tyts01e095 absurd resolution44647 adorascotch70 butterscotch937 colored hooves5523 cute128418 dialogue44703 generation leap3408 gradient hair2903 hooves12851 izzybetes709 male197323 male symbol19 multicolored hair5254 name pun75 pun3840 rearing3515 rule 6314560 scene interpretation5579 sombrero181 speech bubble14223 text27764 unshorn fetlocks17240


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