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From source (30 January 2023):
Hello there.

Don't you dare check her browser history
safe987545 artist:zeepheru_pone46 character:phyllis224 character:starlight glimmer30570 species:pony664740 species:unicorn184285 g4279611 annoyed3554 board game229 chair4199 cheek fluff3566 chest fluff23067 computer3188 cup4009 cutie mark28408 dragon pit71 ear fluff17982 equal cutie mark942 female741190 fluffy8884 kite526 laptop computer1249 looking at you98585 mare291770 meme38027 mug2599 pink background1551 signature15782 simple background234818 sitting38430 solo626352 sticker737 teacup1900 underhoof27220 window5203 wow! glimmer154


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