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From source (16 August 2019):
Not the creator of the webm, but I tried to splice some audio in. Didn't do a good job of it as I'm still not familiar with ffmpeg. That and the quote wasn't exact from the video.
safe987515 artist:anonymous111 character:autumn blaze2433 species:kirin5352 g4279578 animated64263 awwtumn blaze539 bob ross71 canvas282 cloven hooves6467 color palette248 colored hooves5030 cute126864 drawthread783 easel274 female741156 glowing horn12307 hooves12182 horn30910 kirin-ified424 magic45327 magic aura2801 mountain3220 paint1196 paintbrush967 request2256 requested art738 river1247 solo626327 sound5036 species swap12361 spotlight948 sun3834 telekinesis17471 text27521 tree19610 water8456 webm7394


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