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From source (12 February 2023):
My OC~

Uploaded to DeviantArt on 12 February 2023.
safe988201 artist:dash wang75 oc376076 oc:cream brun56 species:anthro147429 species:pony665341 species:unguligrade anthro28275 species:unicorn184517 g4280223 anthro oc18647 clothing299104 colored hooves5113 cutie mark28471 eyebrows6949 eyebrows visible through hair2440 front view353 hand4673 hooves12290 horn31052 looking at you98875 male196798 rear view6684 reference sheet7460 simple background235112 stallion64709 text27572 three quarter view2999 unicorn oc3287 unshorn fetlocks16707 yellow background785


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