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From source (14 February 2023):

Yeah I was listening to @4everfreebrony 's Lost & Found on repeat for quite a bit
safe988302 artist:zeepheru_pone51 character:derpy hooves27592 character:doctor whooves6185 character:time turner6176 species:earth pony141607 species:pegasus185997 species:pony665449 ship:doctorderpy791 g4280299 cheek fluff3590 clothing299144 cuddling4905 cute127302 derpabetes1723 duo38733 ear fluff18082 feather3478 female741953 fluffy8913 fourth doctor's scarf86 heart25576 leg fluff2172 looking at each other11862 looking at someone418 male196829 mare292423 scarf13791 shared clothing389 shared scarf343 shipping103328 sitting38515 smiling150805 stallion64731 straight64146 striped scarf39 wings69874


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