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From source (5 February 2023):
special delivery from your favorite mailmare! :3
#mlp #mylittlepony #derpyhooves
safe988251 artist:belka-sempai72 character:derpy hooves27592 species:pegasus185967 species:pony665385 g4280264 bag2818 baseball cap1310 cap2811 chest fluff23155 clothing299126 colored pupils6417 cute127278 derpabetes1723 dialogue44568 envelope188 equestria's best mailmare2 featured on derpibooru578 female741892 hat52773 heart25574 heart hoof228 high res16934 holiday10774 hoof heart6 mailbag517 mare292371 open mouth81814 open smile892 pink background1567 raised hoof28826 rearing3503 simple background235122 smiling150784 solo626929 speech bubble14145 spread wings33291 sweet dreams fuel691 text27573 three quarter view3003 underhoof27259 valentine786 valentine's day1950 wings69857


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