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From source (19 December 2022):
Finished commission

#MLP #mlpfanart #MLPFiM
safe988296 artist:28gooddays426 character:tempest shadow6491 species:pony665436 species:unicorn184548 g4280291 alternate hairstyle17291 aside glance99 beige background54 bride193 broken horn4929 clothing299137 colored hooves5121 dress27134 eye scar3041 facial scar17 female741944 flower15362 flowing mane804 gray background4265 high res16939 hooves12307 horn31075 looking at you98916 mare292414 pretty pretty tempest82 scar6884 simple background235127 smiling150800 smiling at you1665 solo626958 standing6886 three quarter view3005 unshorn fetlocks16722 wedding dress1021 wedding veil206


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