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From source (4 October 2017):
She said "there is no wrong way to fantasize," but she hadn't seen the Internet.

Links to this dead source:
safe993942 anonymous artist190 derpibooru original13874 character:princess celestia56012 species:alicorn137320 species:pony671242 g4283371 4chan1647 applejack's cutie mark24 blushing106570 chest fluff23758 colored12237 computer3212 crown10559 cute129599 cutelestia2485 dialogue44923 drawthread784 eye clipping through hair4222 eyebrows8534 eyebrows visible through hair3073 female746554 floppy ears31254 frown14825 funny2187 funny as hell241 gray background4382 horrified399 internet124 jewelry38403 mare296454 neck fluff511 necklace11843 oh no157 open mouth83304 peytral2122 regalia12393 scared6553 scaredlestia14 simple background237056 solo630270 spread wings34279 table5792 there are wrong ways to fantasize1 there is no wrong way to fantasize25 traumatized123 wide eyes10526 wings71760


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