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From source (26 November 2022):
An older version of Scootaloo with a skateboard and her 90s styled atheistic. :D
safe989773 artist:anime-equestria239 character:scootaloo27957 species:pegasus186552 species:pony666967 g4281274 '90s110 2000s12 2010s50 alternate clothes103 alternate hairstyle17342 annoyed3559 backwards ballcap570 bandage3383 bandaid1036 bandaid on nose18 baseball cap1311 cap2819 clothing299541 cool267 denim192 digital art10132 ear piercing14609 female742959 hat52904 high res17430 jeans2507 jewelry37671 mare293407 older14431 older scootaloo1355 pants9676 piercing22306 shoes22061 simple background235523 skate6 skateboard425 skater1 solo627703 spread wings33574 three quarter view3062 transparent background126945 unamused9805 vector50103 wings70388


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