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From source (28 March 2012):
Some more old Pony art.

Soarin! He's lookin' at you, kid….and drinking cream soda.

Artwork by sciencefox
safe994390 artist:dragancah1 artist:science fox1 character:soarin'7605 species:pegasus188300 species:pony671569 g4283474 abstract background9096 clothing300877 cute129701 drink3531 drinking2052 drinking straw437 feather guns10 goggles8872 male198245 mug2641 raised hoof29690 raised leg4776 root beer14 soarinbetes141 solo630487 stallion65806 standing on two hooves112 swag467 three quarter view3305 uniform6381 wing gesture36 wing hands1311 wing hold267 wings71822 wonderbolts2322 wonderbolts uniform3741


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