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From source (1 March 2023):
AU design for Scootaloo

Twitter description (1 March 2023):
scoots 🔥
safe988302 artist:mirtash365 character:scootaloo27934 species:pegasus185997 species:pony665449 g4280299 alternate cutie mark848 bandage3383 bandaid1034 bandaid on nose16 chest fluff23168 colored eyebrows1552 colored hooves5123 cute127302 cutealoo1884 cutie mark28490 ear fluff18082 ear piercing14591 earring12004 eyebrows6986 fluffy8913 grin22255 hooves12311 jewelry37526 leg fluff2172 looking at you98920 nonbinary327 nonbinary pride flag64 older14423 older scootaloo1354 piercing22281 pride876 pride flag713 raised hoof28829 raised leg4640 signature16028 simple background235130 smiling150805 smiling at you1665 solo626965 standing on two hooves80 three quarter view3005 unshorn fetlocks16723


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