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Now with Pinkie, this finally completes the mane6 anthro lineup, after 18 months since I started it with Twilight 😅
safe990969 artist:dandy425 part of a set7606 character:applejack97641 character:fluttershy116050 character:pinkie pie120239 character:rainbow dash129741 character:rarity105172 character:twilight sparkle172285 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75973 species:alicorn136845 species:anthro147671 species:earth pony142427 species:pegasus186996 species:pony668134 species:unguligrade anthro28338 species:unicorn185555 g4281839 :32620 applejack's hat4124 belly button45004 belt3368 bra9937 bracelet6274 breasts156301 busty applejack5956 busty fluttershy9723 busty pinkie pie6000 chest fluff23467 cigarette2010 clothing299898 colored eyebrows1729 cowboy hat9567 ear fluff18388 eyelashes5401 female743946 fishnets2780 green underwear578 hat53052 hoof shoes3393 horn31777 jacket8080 jeans2510 jewelry37887 lasso781 leg warmers1494 leotard2994 looking at you99625 mane six16656 mare294212 necklace11618 pants9692 pantyhose2448 pleated skirt2820 shirt15083 shoes22105 shorts9158 skirt23865 smiling151968 smoking2178 sports2130 sports bra1904 spread wings33751 stetson3851 stockings19118 tail15730 tank top4780 thigh highs19844 tights358 underwear34947 volleyball347 wings70745 wristband2308


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