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February 10, 2022 at 12:13 AM UTC
Upside Down Derp ( Patreon Reward )
Colored sketch reward for my wonderful patron Derpy Networking!

Alternate Source (Twitter)
( Sock edit requested by my Picarto Chat while I was working on the art )
safe988296 alternate version22156 artist:confetticakez781 patreon reward998 character:derpy hooves27592 species:pegasus185993 species:pony665436 g4280291 absurd resolution44567 blep5225 blushing105675 clothing299137 cloud18262 cute127297 derpabetes1723 female741944 heart eyes8815 lying down9542 mare292414 on a cloud850 on back12414 socks37227 solo626958 spread wings33297 striped socks12064 thigh highs19802 tongue out54505 wingding eyes12281 wings69871


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