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Hello there o/
Made alongside @WildBlur, the first page of Friendship with Benefits is now public!
By supporting this comics, you can access to its alts, WiP, following pages and more here! o/
safe988204 artist:lummh346 artist:wildblur2 character:starlight glimmer30595 character:twilight sparkle172068 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75823 species:alicorn136478 species:anthro147429 species:pony665343 species:unicorn184517 comic:friends with benefits2 g4280226 blushing105666 breasts156165 busty starlight glimmer1465 butt22771 canterlot3916 canterlot castle1572 clothing299105 crown10410 dialogue44567 dress27133 duo38721 duo female6565 embarrassed6705 explicit series5363 explicit source5484 eye clipping through hair3843 eyebrows6949 eyebrows visible through hair2440 female741857 females only7985 glimmer glutes598 glowing horn12368 horn31052 implied twistarlight24 jewelry37509 laughing4838 levitation7647 magic45392 mare292340 open mouth81803 regalia12189 skirt23833 speech bubble14145 stockings19088 tail15447 telekinesis17501 text27572 thigh highs19798


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