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Hello there o/
Made alongside @WildBlur, the first page of Friendship with Benefits is now public!
By supporting this comics, you can access to its alts, WiP, following pages and more here! o/
safe993445 artist:lummh347 artist:wildblur2 character:starlight glimmer30684 character:twilight sparkle172426 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76057 species:alicorn137236 species:anthro147851 species:pony670654 species:unicorn186586 comic:friends with benefits2 g4283029 blushing106486 breasts156424 busty starlight glimmer1465 butt23216 canterlot3923 canterlot castle1577 clothing300572 crown10538 dialogue44873 dress27267 duo39728 duo female7041 embarrassed6719 explicit series5411 explicit source5769 eye clipping through hair4196 eyebrows8414 eyebrows visible through hair3033 female746007 females only8014 glimmer glutes603 glowing horn12640 horn32422 implied twistarlight24 jewelry38290 laughing4883 levitation7765 magic45726 mare295998 open mouth83134 regalia12367 skirt23895 speech bubble14292 stockings19155 tail16154 telekinesis17670 text27955 thigh highs19914


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