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From source (6 March 2023):
I wanted to redraw this particular frame for sooo long, and I think that I have grown up to it. As a child, I wildly adored this moment with a scream, because it's so abruptly, but epic, knocked out of Fluttershy's character, which still remains one of the most memorable moments to me. Also I like to draw angry emotions, and this face is the best thing for this>:з
safe988296 artist:miryelis17 character:fluttershy115917 species:pegasus185993 species:pony665436 episode:the best night ever989 g4280291 my little pony: friendship is magic163165 angry16436 big ears508 butterfly3926 clothing299137 dress27134 female741944 flower15362 flutterrage297 impossibly large ears244 long hair2362 mare292414 redraw1061 scene interpretation5553 screaming2098 solo626958 spread wings33297 standing6886 text27579 wings69871 you're going to love me122


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