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From source (6 March 2023):
I wanted to redraw this particular frame for sooo long, and I think that I have grown up to it. As a child, I wildly adored this moment with a scream, because it's so abruptly, but epic, knocked out of Fluttershy's character, which still remains one of the most memorable moments to me. Also I like to draw angry emotions, and this face is the best thing for this>:з
safe992564 artist:miryelis21 character:fluttershy116105 species:pegasus187579 species:pony669791 episode:the best night ever991 g4282363 my little pony: friendship is magic163292 angry16538 big ears517 butterfly3984 clothing300307 dress27234 female745175 flower15495 flutterrage298 high res17903 impossibly large ears245 long hair2370 mare295262 redraw1072 scene interpretation5588 screaming2116 solo629407 spread wings34006 standing6945 text27866 wings71252 you're going to love me123


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