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From source (31 October 2022):
🎃Happy Halloween!🎃

Here's the finished art of Luna for the Lunar Nightmare event!🎃

And she's cosplaying Caitlyn from League of Legends!

#art #digitalart #pony #mlp #mlpfanart #mlpfim #LeagueOfLegends

DeviantArt description (21 November 2022):
This is a Halloween artwork for the Lunar Nightmare event!Pumpkin
I decided to draw Luna in Caitlyn's outfit 'cause I think it really suits her!

You can admire a very cool site where you'll find a lot of works by equally cool artists: Go and take a look!
safe988251 artist:alrumoon_art3 artist:avroras_world2 character:princess luna65739 species:alicorn136484 species:anthro147435 species:unguligrade anthro28278 g4280264 boots13071 clothing299126 collaboration3837 collaboration:nightmare night event (2022)2 cosplay12211 costume16198 crossover36494 dress27133 female741892 food41776 gloves11956 hair over one eye4527 halloween4580 hat52773 holiday10774 horn31063 league of legends384 long hair2361 long mane1889 long tail1300 looking at you98902 mare292371 nightmare night2935 pants9666 pumpkin2322 shoes22021 simple background235122 smiling150784 solo626929 tail15455 transparent background126904 video game2554 wings69857


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